The classes at Delhi Cinema are conducted by competent faculty members who passionately teach the craft through practical, theory classes, games, exercises and meditation . Our faculty members challenge their students, share insights gained through professional experience and communicate the knowledge they’ve spent a lifetime acquiring. They don’t rely on teaching assistants, and they’re supportive in the clas sroom, active in the community and committed to teaching.

About the teachers:

Delhi Cinema Acting School is a part of DELHI CINEMA . Delhi Cinema Acting School consists of highly intensive training programs which cover each & every aspect of theatre. Our programs are completely based on a planned curriculum. The prime motto of the workshops is to develop self confidence, personality development & to develop hidden talent of children. Delhi Cinema is an institute of creative excellence. Get in‐depth knowledge and hands‐on training in various facets of the Indian Performing Art Industry boosts up an entire new confidence in children which will help them out in each and every phase of their lives and we personally think theatre students are better in studies too. Learn from experienced stalwarts of the industry in the midst of live action.


  • Classroom teachings, lectures on theories & techniques of acting and practical performances.
  • Emphasis is made on the practical training.
  • As a part of training, students will ask to produce plays on their own, under the supervision & guidance of our supportive faculty. The syllabus takes into account the methods of great theatre personalities who have shaped contemporary theatre in all its variety. The systematic study & practical performing experience of
    various drama forms:
  • Sanskrit drama
  • Modern India drama
  • Traditional Indian theatre forms
  • Asian drama & western dramatic protocols. will give students a solid grounding & a wide perspective in the field of theatre.
  • Our training programs are unique, embracing modern methods that promote discipline & self discovery, along with the development of technique. Our faculty members lead students to deeply felt, psychologically true & physically realized performances. To support this process, students receive constant feedback from the faculty who consult collaborating on their progress.


  • Delhi Cinema Acting School workshop prepares students to practice the art of theatre. To this end a variety of practical skills must be developed & impart good knowledge related to theatre & acting.
  • The most important intention of the workshop is to develop the essential intangible concept of creative imagination & its expression within the collective framework of group.
  • Our motive is to create an atmosphere that encourages children to raise questions, take a decision & make choices with awareness among themselves with in the larger social cont ext.
  • Along with an introduction to the theatre, these workshops also seek to develop personality & expand the emotional horizons of the participants.
  • Delhi Cinema Acting School workshop programme is a complete & independent programme, which conducts its own activities for the complete development of the students & to discover their talents through the medium of theatre at various levels.

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