Delhi Cinema

The Delhi Cinema is a Company of people who represent the cinema of Delhi. From now on Delhi Cinema will produce and direct the films for the people of Delhi. Delhi Cinema is a place to discover and explore the Delhi’s talent. This is a group of young enthusiasts who are associated with different fields of Cinema and will work together to create employment for cinema enthusiasts in Delhi. All the people who are a part of this are working with zeal to take cinema of Delhi to the next level.
Cinema is an art and Delhi Cinema is a group of artists who breathe art. We all working for a greater good to provide cinema related jobs to cinema enthusiasts, entertainment to Delhi people and recognition to all those who are associated with us. Cinema is an inescapable part of our lives. We are consuming entertainment from different kind of media on daily basis. But cinema never worked functionally on ground in the capital of our nation.
We are a team of people who have experience in the field of Cinema for more than 15 years. We have been associated with cinema with one or the other form possible. But with the passing time we witnessed that Delhi is a storehouse of a lot of potential. People living here have a lot of talent but because of work pressure or media constraints they cannot pursue what they want. Moreover, every other city has their own regional cinema to work upon and celebrate. We have pollywood, tollywood, jollywood, Bhojpuri cinema and Haryanvi cinema. Then why not have a cinema for Delhi? This question led to our birth. Delhi Cinema is for each and every person who is living and working in Delhi.
Delhi Cinema invites each and every Delhite to become part of Delhi Cinema by providing your idea to make this endeavour a big success. Delhi Cinema wants that the various artists associated with them like actors, dancers, choreographers, script writers, directors, camera persons, sound designers, fashion designers, makeup artists to make their own identity in the world of cinema. This is one place here every art form is appreciated. We worship art and artisans.
As an organization, we will provide services in Entertainment and cultural activities entertainment, Entertainment information, Film Production , Music composition services, Organization of competitions, Production of radio and television programs, Karaoke services, Distribution of audio and video contents, Automated on-demand distribution systems for film,music,pictures print, ringtones, and other media distributions via internet or any other media distributions via internet or any other digital media, amusement and recreation of people etc. Therefore apart from entertainment to our audiences we promise to provide recognition and a platform to the artists who are associated with us. We are here to nourish the art called “Cinema”.

Our Mission And Vision

  • To start Delhi’s own Cinema and produce the film under this umbrella.
  • To launch Delhi’s own channel for entertainment.
  • To produce and direct serials/shows for this channel.
  • Give employment to Delhi people for all the projects under Delhi Cinema.
  • Aware the people of Delhi about Delhi Cinema.
  • Provide training to Delhi people about various technicalities in media field.
  • Provide a platform to Delhites who want to make a career in Media field.
  • To provide a big platform to the talent of people.
  • Provide new entertainment for Delhi.

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Our Projects

Delhi Cinema